Pigment Prints

Twenty-five drawings

Individual prints for sale from the series The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible published as 28-by-16-inch pigment prints on Mohawk Superfine Ultra White archival paper.

Why Archival Pigment Prints?

The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible embraces concepts of inevitable impermanence with sharp wit and cartoon elegance. Every drawing in the series uses the daily newspaper as its subtext or background. Daily news is time sensitive, relevant, later forgotten, perhaps recalled. But the news is always below the surface of our everyday lives. When and how does today’s news enter history?

My commitment to drawing on the pages of The New York Times began in 2010, in spite of knowing that the acid content of newsprint would mean inevitable disintegration of the original drawings. How counter intuitive is it to create art knowing its physical properties assure its self-destruction? How might change, slow but steady, become a significant aspect of the content of an artist’s work?

In 2017, with well over 200 drawings in the series, I received a Minnesota State Arts Board grant for preservation of 25 drawings as pigment prints. Published on acid-free paper (Mohawk Superfine Ultra White) and presented individually or as sets in archival boxes, the pigment prints bring permanence to drawings in the series The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible.