Best Practices for Framing The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible

Thank you for purchasing, or considering a purchase of, a drawing from the series The Internal Affairs of Mr. Invincible. To preserve and present this artwork, you will want to take it to a professional framer. The framer will ask you to make various choices. Personal taste will dictate some of your selections. As my friend Jim Miller liked to say, “Good taste is timeless.” But beyond matters of taste, you will want a frame that protects the integrity of the art. Because these drawings are done on newsprint, I strongly recommend the following best practices for framing.

Keep the entire section of newspaper intact. The drawing is done on an object—the newspaper section—not on a single sheet. The object you are framing is the entire section. Newsprint is fragile, so the section as a whole provides support for the drawn page. Each framer has methods of pinning sections so that the pages hold together as one. (Make certain you tell the framer NOT to remove or cut away the drawn sheet.)
Tell your framer to “float” the entire newspaper section inside the frame.
Use regular window glass or the new “extremely clear” glass. Non-glare glass will distort the image, so do not use it. As a general rule, drawings should be keep out of direct sunlight.
Make sure the picture-frame backing is acid free. One common solution is acid-free foam core.
Decide whether or not to use a matt. A matt helps keep the drawing away from the surface of the glass. Though you might be tempted to choose a colored matt, I have found that the drawing shows best with a matt of acid-free Palm Beach White, 3 inches to 4 inches wide.
Choose a sturdy moulding. From the seemingly infinite number of possibilities, my preference is natural maple or ash, 1-inch wide by 1 ½-inches deep. Usually, the larger the moulding, the higher the price for framing.

If you or your framer have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me by EMAIL .